Stephen Goff and the Royals made our April 1 wedding day at The Stables at Hunter Valley Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee absolutely perfect. Stephen's acoustic ceremony music started off the evening on the right foot. The band's energy rocked out our reception! I requested a few songs for our first dances that Stephen learned, and they were amazing. Our wedding guests still can't stop talking about the band and how much fun they had - 3 months later! Thank you Stephen and the whole band for making our wedding day so much fun and special! 

Meghan King Wedding at The Stables at Hunter Valley Farm July 2, 2017

Our little town of Appalachia, VA, is snuggled back in the mountains of southwest Virginia near the Kentucky and Tennessee state lines. Every year we host the Appalachia Coal/Railroad Days. Our committee wanted some new, fresh, and outstanding music entertainment for this year's event. On August 5, 2017, Stephen Goff and The Royals went on stage in our small town. They got the crowd to dancing, singing, and grooving like we wanted. The crowd wanted them to stay and keep singing. As the co-chair of the Appalachia Special Projects Committee, I must say that Stephen Goff and The Royals is one of the best bands that has ever played at our festival in the 39 years of the Appalachia Coal/Railroad Days history. We are planning on bringing them back next year, not only by our request as a committee but also by our town residents' request as well. Thank you Stephen Goff and The Royals for making our event a success. We look forward to partying with you again next year.



Travis Anderson Co-Chairman Appalachia Coal/Railroad Day August 23, 2017

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